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The Team

The Happy Team

IvethThe Yin

The strategist per excellence, she is always behind everything. She puts her heart and soul into every project.

GabyThe Yan

The heart of the agency, the one that connects with people, understands them and gets to know them in order to prepare customised solutions.

The story

Once upon a time, in a kingdom called Spain, two distant female travellers found themselves studying for a Master’s degree at a university.

In addition to a classroom, they shared similar backgrounds. They had been entrepreneurs on several occasions and their experiences in the world of entrepreneurship had led them to learn about the challenges that start-ups are exposed to.

One of the most important mistakes they found, was not having given enough importance to communication and having a weak online presence. This made it decisive that their studies were related to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce.

With this new knowledge they decided to help more people like them, born entrepreneurs, and this is how HAPPY BRAND was born.

Mission & Vision

At HAPPY BRAND we know how important and personal your project is for you this is why we treat it as our own because we know the challenges you are facing

We want to help SMEs and StartUps to find their ideal customer and grow in the market. We like to be part of the process. We understand what it’s like to start from scratch and we know the best ways to get off the ground.

If your brand is happy, I am happy


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